Company Profile

Japanese Corporation

Company NameInteresse International Japan Inc.
Headquarters3-31 Kioi-Cho, Suite 1001, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0094
BanksBank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Pay Pay Bank
MHLW Permit #13-ュ-314891

US Corporation

Company NameInteresse International Inc.
Company ProfileWe are the largest Japanese-English bilingual staffing firm in the US with 11 offices.  We support 2,500 international businesses, which are Japanese companies expanding into the US and US corporations with offices in Japan.
LocationsNew York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Chicago,Cincinnati, Nashville, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas,Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, (Honolulu)
Headquarters 111 Town Square Place, Suite 307, Jersey City, NJ 07310 USA
RepresentativeMasato Fujihara, President & CEO
Services1. Employment, Staffing, and Oursourcing
2. HR Consulting, Cloud-Based HR Management System
3. Sakura Radio, a Web-Based Japanese Radio Station
4. Sakura Shinbun, a Japanese Community Newspaper
    (Washington, DC & Houston, TX)
Revenue7Million US$
BanksCitibank, Bank of America


June, 1996Founded in Manhattan, New York
(7 West 44th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10036)
August, 1996Creation of the “Job Navigator®️”database system which streamlined the hiring process
June, 1998Los Angeles Office opened (iiicareer)
June, 2001Washington DC Office opened (iiicareer) 
June, 2001San Diego Office opened (iiicareer)
(Now part of LA office)
June, 2003Atlanta Office opened (iiicareer)
June, 2004Houston Office opened (iiicareer)
October, 2004Silicon Valley Office opened (iiicareer)
June, 2005Cincinnati Office opened (iiicareer)
June, 2007Honolulu Office opened (iiicareer)
June, 2008Chicago Office opened (iiicareer)
2009~Following the Global Financial Crisis – a shift to restructuring of offices
June, 2014Dallas Franchise opened (iiicareer)
June, 2014LA Outsourcing Service (Call Center) opened
June, 2016iiiHR Started
October, 2017Sakura Radio (iii-media) 
November, 2020Nashville Office opened (iiicareer)
August, 2022Interesse International Japan Inc. opened



Job Navigator®️
  United States Patent and Trademark Office, Reg. 2,275,684, 9/7/1999

  Japan Patent Office, Reg. 6173388, 8/23/2019